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Help requested creating Custom Controls

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Help requested creating Custom Controls

I've been developing some custom controls for act following the Contact Name Control sample in the Act SDK.
At first, I could add the sample control with no problems and use it in Act. I've developed it further then, overwriting the same dll file with each new test release. I've noticed Act has added an xml file into the Tools directory. I've deleted that config file because I wanted Act to re-detect my control and update its properties in the toolbox. Since then it doesn't load my custom control any more. I've then re-created the sample control exactly as I have at first, and that isn't detected either. I've installed Act onto a testing computer fresh and put both controls there, but nothing in the layout designer.

I'm using Act on all computers and I'm referencing the assemblies on the Act CD's "\ACTWG\GlobalAssemblyCache" directory.

I'm probably missing some kind of detail, but I cannot seem to figure this problem out. Is there any tool to test custom controls and/or log any errors about them?
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Re: Help requested creating Custom Controls

Try right-clicking on the toolbar on the lefthand side of the layout designer, and going to "Customize...", then make sure that your custom control is checked.  If it's not in the list at all, then ACT! isn't loading it for some reason.  On the other hand, if it is checked but you still can't use it, try unchecking it then check it again, hit OK, and see if you can put it back onto your layout.


Greg Ferber

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