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Help request for writing 'original' Birth Date field

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Help request for writing 'original' Birth Date field

I have the following problem. I have a database that needs to be exported due to all kinds of inconsistensies. The normal procedure would be to take the database and first a) save an empy copy of the database and b) to export all relevant data from the 'old' database to the 'new' one.


However, all attempts to make a 'save empty copy' of the database fail. (exactly as described in KB 13649)

(I made sure to check on all relevant issues/workarounds as suggested in the KB)


Now the only thing from this KB entry that still needs to be done is to bring back the Birth Date field.

Of course I made a field called 'Birth Date' exactly as it should would have existed in a fresh 'new' database, but Act does not consider my 'custom made' field to be similar to the original Birth Date field.

Apperently the Act program needs an original Birth Date field to exist in the database in order to be able to export (see KB).

The KB suggest to make a new database and to import the old database towards this new database. I do have so much custom made fields, that such operation is not really an option. Unfortunatly the Import or Export functions of Act do not have an option to generate the necessary custom fields during import.


My only option is to have the original Birth Date field entered again into the dbo.TBL_CONTACT (Where the original field is called BIRTHDATE)


My request: Is anyone able to assist in writing a small util which does exactly this?


Any help or suggestions highly appreciated!




Kind regards,

Rene van der Velde
The Netherlands
aka 'The Dutch Betatester'