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HELP! How to access ACT 2012 Premium SQL

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HELP! How to access ACT 2012 Premium SQL

Our IT is developing the 3rd party database to interface with SAGE ACT 2012. They need some basic information on how to access SAGE backend database and would appreciate if somebody could kindly give some advice:

1. How to access SAGE back end database: User Name and password if there are any, such as "sa" which is default administrator user name or other db user name with admin rights / reading rights at least.
( PS. "User Name" memtioned here does not mean SAGE Application User Name, it means SQL server Database User Name)

2. We have added some customized fields into SAGE, we would like to know the relationship between SAGE customer end screen filed and Sql Server Datafield if possible.


We would appreciate very very much, if somebody could help us a little bit, thanks!!!


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Re: HELP! How to access ACT 2012 Premium SQL

There are basically 3 ways to access the data in the SQL database, but only one of these allows for both read and write and that is via the SDK, which is the API for Act. Rather than needing a SQL login, you're able to use an Act username/password to gain access.


Here is the white paper on Act's data access methods that explains the other options as well. 


For you second question, each field has 3 names, a display name which is what the end user sees, an alias which is a short name typically used by the OLEDB provider and a real name, which is the actual column name in SQL, you can get all the information on a field by opening ActDiag (Start -> Run -> actdiag), from there open the databases menu and choose database list, right click on your database and select Database Reports -> Database Structure -> Field Detail Report.


Additionally as of the 2012 version you should be able to login to your database with your windows credentials via SQL Management Studio, which you can download for free from Microsoft.

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