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Group.AppendStaticContacts failing

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Group.AppendStaticContacts failing


We have a method which takes a list of ContactIDs (as a comma-separated string) and adds those contacts to a given group. Occasionally, this seems to fail, and no contacts get added to the group, but no error is thrown. The relevant code is:

string[] sContactIDs = sContactIDList.Split(',');

Guid[] ContactGuid = new Guid[sContactIDs.GetLength(0)];
for (int i = 0; i < sContactIDs.GetLength(0); i++)
ContactGuid[i] = new Guid(sContactIDs[i]);

cList = ActFwk.Contacts.GetContactsByID(cSort, ContactGuid);


The items I can think to check have checked out correctly. For example, the Split statement generates the correct array of ContactIDs, even in cases when the AppendStaticContacts does not add the contacts. Is there any circumstance where this AppendStaticContacts would not add the contacts to the group? If so, would this be logged anywhere?


- Rob