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Get Company info

Tuned Listener
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Get Company info

Hi All,


I'm new working with ACT! and need to simply get company info into a 3rd party application. I can get the company name, but how do I get all the other information?


here's my current code:


            // logon

            ActFramework ACTFM = new ActFramework();
            ACTFM.LogOn("C:\\path\\database.pad", "user", "password");


            // Get company manager and read the companies

            IActCompanyManager comgr = ACTFM.Companies;
            comgr.GetAllCompanies(CompanySortOrder.Name, true, true);


            // Loop over the companies

            int count = comgr.Count;
            for (int i = 0; i < count; i++)
                trace(i + ". " + ACTFM.Companies.Name);





Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: Get Company info

[ Edited ]

In vb but it should help....


'get a company
        Dim company As Act.Framework.Companies.Company

        'get the company field descriptors
        Dim cFields() As Act.Framework.Companies.CompanyFieldDescriptor
        cFields = actfwk.Companies.GetCompanyFieldDescriptors

        'loop the fields msgbox'ing the values for the company
        For Each field As Act.Framework.Companies.CompanyFieldDescriptor In cFields
            MsgBox(company.Fields(field.Name, True))



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