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Framework version mismatch?

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Framework version mismatch?

I have an integration program which bridges ACT! database and our in house CRM system. The ACT! installation on server was 11.0.367.0 standard version, and the integration program was developed on a Trial version of 11.0.367.0


The integration runs fine for the last 3 months until we upgraded ACT! on server to 11.1,183.0 yesterday, we started to get the following error:



Act.Framework.FrameworkVersionMismatchException: This database has been updated to work with a more current version of ACT!.  You must update your copy of ACT! in order to log-in to this database. Do you want to check for updates now?

   at Act.Framework.ActFramework.FailLogOn(Exception ex, TraceCategory tCat, TraceLevel tLevel)

   at Act.Framework.ActFramework.LogOn(String userName, String password, String databaseType, String databaseHost, String databaseName, Boolean fireEvents, Boolean suppressTierCheck, Boolean suppressSchemaCheck, Boolean suppressLicenseCheck, Boolean allowTrialModeDeparture, LogonTrack tracklogon)

   at Act.Framework.ActFramework.LogOn(String xmlPADFile, String userName, String password)




So my question is, isn't ACT! backward compatible? I thought a program which compiled against an older version of ACT! will work with a newer version...


Do I need to somehow upgrade ACT! on my development machine to the same version and recompile the integration program?



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Re: Framework version mismatch?

Most of the time you do not have to recompile your customization code to gain forward compatibility.  


Once you upgrade a DB all ACT! clients that access that DB must be upgraded to the same version of ACT! to be able to access that DB.  The message you are receiving would be expected if you are attempting to access an ACT! db that's been upgraded with a 11.0.367 client or client libraries with that version. 



There's an SDK Read Me with ACT! 2010  which describes all SDK interfaces that were changed or marked as obsolete.