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Find Contact - Mental Block

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Find Contact - Mental Block

I need to find a single contact. I have the ContactID as a string (not a guid). I use 2005. Here's the code


Dim MyGuid() As Guid

MyGuid(0) = New Guid(CID)

Dim ACTGuys As Act.Framework.Contacts.ContactList

ACTGuys = ActFwk.Contacts.GetContactsByID(Nothing, MyGuid)


VB usually comes back at me with something about a guid being unable to be converted into a 1-dimensional array.


The New Guid lineis intended to convert my ContactID string into a Guid.


Thanks in advance,


Geoff Boulden

Twelve/Three Marketing, Inc.


Geoffrey B. Boulden
Twelve/Three Marketing, Inc.
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Re: Find Contact - Mental Block

Hi Geoff,

Looks like your code should work.... I used the code below for testing which definately works...

 'log on
        Dim ActFwk As New Act.Framework.ActFramework
        ActFwk.LogOn("C:\Users\Tomdavis.ROWCOLSOLUTIONS\Desktop\TestDB\tester.pad", "admin", "")

        'get a guid for testing purposes, convert to string
        Dim cList As Act.Framework.Contacts.ContactList = ActFwk.Contacts.GetContacts(Nothing)
        Dim ID As String = cList(0).ID.ToString

        'convert string back to a guid
        Dim guid As New Guid(ID)

        'convert guid to array
        Dim guids(0) As Guid
        guids(0) = guid

        'get the contact list
        cList = ActFwk.Contacts.GetContactsByID(Nothing, guids)
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Re: Find Contact - Mental Block

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What contact id do you mean?



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