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Filtering by opportunity stage in a contact lookup

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Filtering by opportunity stage in a contact lookup

I am using the following code to create a lookup that filters by a defined field in the contact record and the opportunity stage.


No errors are thrown but it also returns no results (when there should be many). Viewing the query xml generated by ACT it is also using the string "Complete" and it returns the correct results.


What am I missing here to get this lookup to evaluate correctly?



ActFramework objFramework = new ActFramework();
objFramework.LogOn(ACTconnection, ACTuser, ACTpass);

Act.Framework.Lookups.ContactLookup objContactLookup;
Act.Framework.Lookups.Criteria[] objsCriteria = new Framework.Lookups.Criteria[1];
Act.Framework.Lookups.CriteriaColumn objCriteriaColumn1;
Act.Framework.Lookups.CriteriaColumn objCriteriaColumn2;
objCriteriaColumn1 = objFramework.Lookups.GetCriteriaColumn("TBL_CONTACT", "CUST_WEBREFERENCE_021736533", true);

                    objCriteriaColumn2 = objFramework.Lookups.GetCriteriaColumn("VWT_OPPORTUNITY_STAGE_PROCESS", "STAGE",true);
                    objsCriteria[0] = new Framework.Lookups.Criteria(Framework.Lookups.LogicalOperator.And, 0, 0, objCriteriaColumn1, Framework.Lookups.OperatorEnum.ContainsData,Framework.Lookups.ValueEnum.Nothing);

                    objsCriteria[1] = new Framework.Lookups.Criteria(Framework.Lookups.LogicalOperator.End, 0, 0, objCriteriaColumn2, Framework.Lookups.OperatorEnum.EqualTo, "[Complete]");

                    objContactLookup = objFramework.Lookups.LookupContactsReplace(objsCriteria, false, false);

                    Act.Framework.Contacts.ContactList objContacts = objContactLookup.GetContacts(null);
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Re: Filtering by opportunity stage in a contact lookup

You are creating criteria for the Opportunity entity and then doing a lookup on the Contact entity.  You will need to create a lookup of Opportunities and then loop through them retrieving the associated Contacts and then create a lookup using that list of Contacts.  The easiest way to do it is to create an array of Contact Guids and then do a lookup on those Guids.



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