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Filter by EditDate of opportunity.

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Filter by EditDate of opportunity.

I'm currently writing an application that is testing the functionality of the Act! SDK. This application is being written in C# using the latest version of the Act Framework.


public OpportunityList GetLastModifiedOpportunities(ActFramework _act)
            CriteriaColumn column1 = _act.Lookups.GetCriteriaColumn(_act.Opportunities.GetOpportunityFieldDescriptor(StandardOpportunityField.EditDate));
            Criteria c1 = new Criteria(LogicalOperator.End, 0, 0, column1, OperatorEnum.Between, DateTime.Now.AddDays(-2), DateTime.Now);
            Criteria[] _criteria = { c1 };
            OpportunityLookup _oppLookup = _act.Lookups.LookupOpportunitiesReplace(_criteria);
            OpportunityList _oppList = _oppLookup.GetOpportunities(null);

            return _oppList;


The above method aims to gather a list of opportunity objects that were last modified within the last two days. I'm getting the error: 

criteria[0"] has an operator that is not valid for the specified column


The opportunity I am attempting to gather has the following value of the EditDate property: {31/08/2016 15:51:33}


My questions: 

Is it possible to filter by the EditDate of an opportunity?

How do you recommend I filter by the EditDate? 


Please let me know if you require any more information.