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Filter Histories by history ID

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Filter Histories by history ID

I am trying to write a routine that will always update the right history, in this routine historys are kept in a tempary SQL table. I am trying to use "HistoryID" as a filter requirement but on the line bellow I get and error saying "Requested value 'HISTORY ID' was not found"


Dim hfd, hfd2 As HistoryFieldDescriptor

hfd2 = oActFwk.Histories.GetFieldDescriptor("HISTORYID")



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Re: Filter Histories by history ID

The reason the exception is being thrown is because there isn't a field descriptor for history ID. 


To filter a list of histories (and most other objects in Act) we need to use the IFilterCriteria interface and create a new ComparisonFIlterCriteria object. The pseudocode would be something like:


IFilterCriteria criteria = new ComparisonFilterCriteria(historyID, ComparisonFilterCriteria.Operator.Equals, History.ID)

Matthew Wood
Act! SDK Support
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Re: Filter Histories by history ID

Hi Mike,


What PropertyDescriptor/DBFieldDescriptor/HistoryFieldDescriptor (or other class) would you use for the historyid object you have below?