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FieldDescriptors aliases

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FieldDescriptors aliases

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Did you add aliases to all system FieldDescriptors while I wasn't looking? If yes, in what builds?


ACT! 11R2   [yes]   [no]

ACT! 10.3    [yes]   [no]

ACT! 10.2    [yes]   [no]



-- jim durkin

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Re: FieldDescriptors aliases

Hey, Jim, not Xavier here but I'll answer anyway Smiley Wink


The ALIASNAME (Alias) for fields was added new in 10.02 in support of Custom Tables and better control for consumers/authors such as yourself.  The Alias is populated for stock/default fields both in new databases created, as well as those upgraded from a previous version. 


That being said, same behavior and answer for 10.02+ (all subsequent versions).


The Alias for stock fields is generally set to the displayname of the field, with the following conformance:

a) letters set to uppercase

b) spaces replaced with underscores (_)


Hope that helps.

Bill Blakey
ACT! Development Team
Sage Software