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Few questions from SDK newbie

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Few questions from SDK newbie

Hi i just started with ACT and have few questions about "what i can do with sdk":


-is it possible to block deleting items(depending on what user is logged , specyfic fields etc) , are there any events like onbeforedelete which i can add my  code that will stop deleteting operation before it change anything


- is it possible to fill the contact list with my search query ( i have sth like that in my sales program, i can fill some variables eg. CompIdList with specyfic id lets say that its companies record id , and then i can run CompaniesWindow.Fill(CompIdList) and it open normal aplication Companies window with all its functionalities , filled with companies that id i put into CompIdList


-is it possible to block making changes in opportunities (id like to permaclose opportunieties) ?



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Re: Few questions from SDK newbie

For questions 1 & 3, the SDK adheres to Act's security model so the currently logged in user won't have any more persmissions than they normally would. With that being said you can set field and contact level security to prevent a user from taking unauthorized actions.


For number two, take a look at the Lookup class, it does precisely what you're looking for.

Matthew Wood
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Re: Few questions from SDK newbie

Hi mwood thanks for answer , im not sure if i understand u correctly but i cannot modify right to oprotunity status, even if i could i can only add rights to read only or whole right to change, and i want some user to have rights to close opportunities but not to open  opportunity that has been closed before. is there a way to do it somehow without any programmist work ? i just started to learn how to do things but that solution i need "for yesterday" Smiley Happy 

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Re: Few questions from SDK newbie



The sad thing is that the ACT! ACL does not extend security to that level of granularity. I wish it did but it doesn't. Smiley Surprised(


The Opps status field for some reason can not have Field Level security applied to it (I suspect its because its a system field that is used throught the Schema in relation to Contact, Companies, Groups, Activities and Histories...I could be wrong and there is a different reason...who knows!).

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