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Exporting data for Dashboard

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Exporting data for Dashboard

Hello - I am trying to find a way to report on ACT "History List" (ie activities completed whether they are appointments, tele calls etc) & want to create a Dashboard that will automatically update itself to keep the team enthused.

However I have found from ACT that their inbuilt dashboards can only report on activities and not history Smiley Sad

Does anyone know a way I could extract the data into a form of dashboard that could be automatically updated?

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Re: Exporting data for Dashboard

Topline Dash is able to use the history table. They have a 30 day trial so I'd suggest you give that a try.

Ahsan Khalid

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Re: Exporting data for Dashboard

Check out Impact Suite.


It's dashboards are build into the native ACT dashboard system. Impact even extends that functionality with 'in-line' dashboards. Dynamic filtering is now available in 7.1


In-line dashboards: Read More


Dashboards:  Watch video 

Dynamic filtering: Watch video



Easy to user and set up in minutes. Download page:



-- Jim Durkin