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Event when you click a Contact Email field

Nickel Contributor
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Event when you click a Contact Email field

For a project I need to trap an event where the client has clicked the text in an Email field.  I can't find an obvious candidate in the SDK doc.  Act.UI.Email.UIEmailManager has an OnWriteEmail event that is triggered by the Write/Email Message menu pick but it is not triggered on clicking on an Email field in the layout.


It would also be nice if this event could return an indicator that the event has been handled and whatever ACT! would do to handle the event would then not occur.  The OnWriteEmail event above does not appear to have a way to suppress the built-in action.


Obviously my interest is to trap and replace any Send Email processing.  Any hints on where to look would be appreciated.



Don Egen

Patricia Egen Consulting, LLC
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Re: Event when you click a Contact Email field

Hi Don,


Yah field level events are sorely missing in the SDK! The only way I can think of this other than going into Win32API to watch for conrtol events would be to create your own Custom Control.


I know Giles and Jim have done loads of stuff with UI, it might be an idea to ping them?

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