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Error with GetCurrentLayouts

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Error with GetCurrentLayouts

Hi Everybody,


I ve just started creating plugin for ACT and I need to change the layout according the ID status of contacts.


Now, i get an error of compilation when I want to use the GetAvailableLayout function.


Here is the code I use


Act.UI.LayoutDesigner.LayoutFileInfo InfoLayout;


InfoLayout = application.UILayoutDesignerManager.GetCurrentLayout(;


The error in on InfoLayout, It says the type Act.FrameWork.ComponentModel.IDefineFieldSupport is defined in an assembly which is not referenced.

It says that I have to add a reference to the assembly Act.Framework.ComponentModel.Core.


Anyone has an idea about the problem or what I sould do to reference the function.


Thanks for help



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Re: Error with GetCurrentLayouts

Sorry to write in two posts but I thought I find a solution but still have problems.


In fact, the Act.framework.componentmodel.core.dll was missing. I found it on the installation CD but it's not the right version (11.0.367.0) and I need the according the version of my Act version.


I have the patch 11.1 but I didn't found the dll on it.


Does anybody have the dll or know how can i do to generate without error.





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Re: Error with GetCurrentLayouts

The version doesn't really matter, just that all the dll's you use are the SAME version


I'd suggest using 10.2 dll's for your application if you can find them, if you can't, just copy the entire GlobalAssemblyCache directory from your cd (Version 11.0.x) and change all the dll references in your project to use those, it will work just fine.



Nick Bohne
Effective Solutions, Inc.