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Email Client connectivity for Mac OS

Tuned Listener
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Email Client connectivity for Mac OS

I am running into more and more clients that have a mixed OS environment where some of the workstations are Windows and others MAC.  During the sales cycle i get my hands tied when they ask if the email functionality will work the same on the MAC, and i have to tell them that, the MAC OS is not a supported platform.  So we talk about the Web version of ACT but still get tied up on the emails being able to be integrated.  Does anyone have any work arounds?  This client is using the Microsoft product called Entourage (which is Outlook for MAC) and they have the outlook for web setup.
Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Email Client connectivity for Mac OS

Unfortunately Entourage and Outlook are completely different programs (personally I like Entourage on the Mac over Outlook) which means that the Outlook based integrations have no chance of working on this client.  What specific Outlook integration functionality are you looking for?  Creating a history from an e-mail?  Syncing contacts/calendars?  You also mention Outlook Web Access - would it help to just show the outlook web client embedded in ACT!?


As a side note  on ACT! and Mac, Vineet and I are looking at porting tools like MONO and the Mac version of Wine (Darwine) as possible paths for making the existing client run on Mac.  Anyone out there with experience with these tools let us know who you are.