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Editing in Combo Box problems

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Editing in Combo Box problems


Dear all  


any one can help me ?


I am working with ACT I have Problems with editing functionality of Combo box(drop down list) .  How can I do editing in combo box?


I want such type editg when click on the combo box (drop down list) then dispaly pevious data and bewlow "Edit list value". If I click on the "Edit list value" then diplay dialog box there we can add and delete data in (drop down list) Combo box


please help me and give me full solution ASAP we too need




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Re: Editing in Combo Box problems

Hi snsindore -


I'm not sure I understand what you're asking.  ACT! itself has an "Edit List" option for fields that have picklists associated with them, and the functionality that is available out of the box is very similar to what you appear to be asking for here.  What exactly are you trying to do?


Greg Ferber

DesignR1 Software LLC