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Editing field

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Editing field

When I fill in the contact name it is split into the different components. I'm living in Holland and names such as Vincent van Gogh are split .. Vincent and surname "van Gogh". What I need to do is make the first letter of the surname into a capital.. so "Van Gogh". This has to be only the first letter because Pieter van den Linden must remain "Van den Linden". I can't see anyway to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Editing field

There are several possibilities to manipulate the data in Act! itself but whatever method you choose, the "algorithm" will be the same:

Concatenate the Capitalized first letter of the name with the rest of the name.

some examples:

update tbl_contact
set lastname=UPPER(substring(lastname,1,1)) + SUBSTRING(lastname,2,len(lastname))

--the following query should help to understand what the above does:
	UPPER(substring(lastname,1,1)) + SUBSTRING(lastname,2,len(lastname))concatenated
from tbl_contact

string test="van den Linden";
test=test.Substring(0, 1).ToUpper()+test.Substring(1));


The question is, how to get the data into Act!.

The easiest but not supported way would be to run the SQL-Update-Query in SQL Server Management Studio, if you had write access to the Act! Database on the SQL-Server.

Another way could be to export all your Names to Excel, make the conversion with Excel and then update your current data with the one from Excel.

Or you write an Act! AddOn which does the trick.

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Country: Netherlands

Re: Editing field

Thanks, I think addons could be the answer.