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Editing / customizing the welcome page

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Editing / customizing the welcome page



I am looking to edit the welcome page that opens as soon as we open Act (or can be opened by selecting the 'Welcome' tab down the left hand side)


I found a thread on this here which is very detailed but doesn't seem to apply to what I can see in my local file structure.


I say that as I have looked through all the files within C:\Program Files (x86)\ACT\Act for Windows\Home and although I see all the pages thatt hread refers to, mine are mostly blank (basically look like very basic webpages with one div in the body) The ACT-home.htm page has barely anty code in it in between the header and footer and the data.xml page doesn't correlate with what I am seeing on the actual welcome page at alll. The links in this .xml file aren't actually on my welcome page.

So I'm a little confused by it.


As that thread is from 2010 I wonder if the files/structure involved have completely changed since then in terms of where the data is picked up from. I am aware that a lot of it will be dynamic and i wouldn't expect to just open a file and see all the content like with a basic html webpage but there doesn't even seem to be any reference to any javascript in most of the pages I looked at.


Any help greatly appreciated.