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Editing Database

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Editing Database

Hopefully this wont sound like a dumb question.... Is there any way to connect to the database and run sql queries against it?  I am new to this software and was asked to try to remove some data on a continuing basis and would like to write some queries to remove/archive multiple records at once.


Any help would be greatly apprecaited.




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Re: Editing Database

Well generally speaking it is discouraged to access data directly when you are NOT the manufacturer. Data structures change, update etc. and what was a functioning script this week has destroyed important data next week after an upgrade. This sort of work should be done through the API / SDK. Remember the API is a contract between the manufacturer and the 3rd party developer that they will not break you with updates. Does the manufacturer change the API? Sure they do but they do it gradually with a period of overlap between the old way and the new so you can migrate without breaking your product.
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