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Development Process

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Development Process

Hello, I am an experienced C# developer who has been asked by a client to write a mini application for Act. The application will allow users to enter additional information in a grid on a new tab for a contact. This information will be saved to the database. Users would then run reports from a web form (from outside Act) that will take the information aggregate it and display it in a tabular / graphical format (using crystal report add in VS 2005 or above). After reading the forums it seems like I have to take the following steps in order to make this work. Of course the devil is in the details but if some one can confirm or shed additional insight that would be great.

1. Download the SDK. Install Act on local machine with VS2008.

2. Use the SDK to build plug in that will be placed in some plug in directory. Apparently from these posts it seems like SDK uses the logged on user to ACT to create tables / fields and add / edit data in the SQL database (reader utility is not required).

3. Create my web application that will use the SDK to communicate with the SQL database and allow me to pull the information from ACT (if I can do that then I am home free). Do I need the sa utility or reader utility for this or will I be able to do this via the SDK?


Thank you very much for your help.


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Re: Development Process



For a large percentage of applications the OLEDB Provider for ACT! is suffcient for communicating with ACT! from an application that requires read only database access.  The sa password is certainly a possibility but opens you up to security risk, and possible EULA violation is data writes are made.


Just a note for Crystal Reports Deployment.  Make sure you use the Redistribution libraries that come with Visual Studio over ones from Crystal.   This will ensure version compatibility at deployment.



Jason L. van Brackel