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Developing Act! 2009 plugins

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Developing Act! 2009 plugins

Looking at the documentation that comes with the ACT!2009SDK11.1 it says:



To develop applications and interfaces using the ACT! SDK, you must have:

  • An ACT! or ACT! Premium for Web installation.
  • Microsoft Framework 2.0
  • Microsoft VisualStudio .NET 2005


When I go to install Visual Studio it wants to know if I want to  Develop for Windows or Develop for Web.


Which do I need?


As far as I can see, although our Act! Premium 2009 does have some web functionality it is basically a traditional Windows application, as we use it in our offices. And Visual Studio's Develop for Web option says:


Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition is focused exclusively on Web development with ASP .NET 2.0.


Anyone klnow?









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Re: Developing Act! 2009 plugins

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Re: Developing Act! 2009 plugins

For the most part you will only need to compile assemblies, so if you want to use the express editions, I suggest visual C# of VB express editions.  You can use visual web developer express, but it'll be a bit more confusing to a new user and won't have the same template support.  For regular VS it doesn't really matter which of the options (Windows/Web) you chose as I believe this only sets up your template defaults when starting a new project.


A couple of notes - if you are developing a plugin this will only work for the ACT! for Windows product.  If you are developing a custom control - in ACT! versions 11.0 and higher the control can work for both ACT! for Windows and Web, check the example docs for how to do this - NOTE: not all custom controls work for web - you have to do some extra work to make a control work for web.  Otherwise custom controls only work with the Windows product in versions earlier than v11.