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Determine Contact Fields and Mandatory Fields

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Determine Contact Fields and Mandatory Fields



I am trying to iterate through all the fields on the contact to see if any are blank. Then I need to see if any of them are mandatory fields and fill them with proper data if they are blank. I have gotten specific fielddescriptors for say just phones. I have gotten fielddescriptors for every field even ones not on the contact layout but I can't figure out how to get all fields on the contact layout. Once I do this then I believe the check to see if the field holds a value ought to be easy. Determining if it is mandatory however I am not sure about. I went through attributes thinking it might be there but what I got wasn't making sense to what was and wasn't mandatory.


Just a few pointers would be greatly appreciated.




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Re: Determine Contact Fields and Mandatory Fields

Did you see this under FieldDescriptor?


 AllowEmpty Gets the allow empty value.



Hope this helps,


Carlton Jones
Sage Software