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Detecting a Contact Import

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Detecting a Contact Import

I've been looking into developing a plugin that can react to when a Contact gets imported to the database.  I played around with reacting to a record being saved, as per this topic:


However, when I implemented it, my test plugin seemed to be firing the CurrentContact.Updated event whenever I switched records.  Should this be executing whenever I change records?  Additionally, is there some way I can use this, or something else I overlooked, to detect when a Contact has been imported to the database?


So far the help on this forum has been good, so I hope that trend can continue with this hurdle.

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Re: Detecting a Contact Import

Yes, the ContactUpdate event should be called when moving between contacts, it saves the current record and committs the data on the UI to the database.


With regards to detecting newly imported contacts, the only things I'm coming up with immediately are post hoc solutions since we can't detect the import event occurring. If your ContactList is all contacts, there is an event for AddNewComplete that may detect this.

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