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Deployment inquiry

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Deployment inquiry

I was wondering if anyone has used NTFS Symbolic linking in any larger workgroup deployments in order to more efficiently manage often distributed items like plugins or custom controls?  


I'm just curious if anyone has done this and would be willing to share scenarios.  I've used this to some success, though I've been overcautious on my implementation so I don't know to what limits this can be used - for example I map the Tools directories in the ACT! install directory to a folder on a UNC share for that specific user and manage the Tools directory content per user - but I wonder if multiple users could potentially share the same UNC folder for tools.


If anyone has done this or is familiar with this area I'd be interested in chatting.


Have a great holiday - I'll be out Thursday - Tuesday celebrating Thanksgiving with my family.





Nickel Contributor
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Country: USA

Re: Deployment inquiry

This is just an "FYI" post. I haven't used Symbolic linking for any deployment situations or anything like that, but I recall having it setup for a few users on our network, and having some issues with it. I'm pretty sure it was due to having a domain with SMB1 (XP) and SMB2 (Vista) accessing the same link (on Server 2008 or 2008 R2). I believe we resolved it by turning off SMB2. It's been awhile, so I'm not 100% on this. I just want to forewarn people that having multiple OS's accessing it may have some issues without other tweaking.