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Database views

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Database views

Hi all


How can we use database views?


Can anyone provide me a sample for it?




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Re: Database views

Good luck trying to get any info out of the database.  It is locked from accessing it directly.  The only way that I have been able to extract data is through writing .NET functions.
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Re: Database views

can we use views using .net functions ??


because in ACT Database model i have seen that there are views.

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Re: Database views

Hi ck,


When you say "views" are you referring to the OLE DB model? If so the simplest way to get the connection string is to build it in Excel connecting to an external data source and then clicking on properties. This will give you the connection string to the OLE DB views of the ACT! dB. There are some limitations with it noteably the Activities are not presented and it is purely Read Only.


Apparently there is an ACTOleDb object in the SDK but I have not been able to find it in the SDK reference API, if anyone knows can they shed some light onto where I am going wrong?




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Re: Database views

I believe it's ActFramework.CurrentACTOLEDB, which gives you a connection string that will work as long as long as the user is logged in to the framework.  It's specifically in ACT! 10.0.1 and later (might be .0.2, but I'm pretty sure it's .0.1)




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Re: Database views

Yes, there is more info on connecting to the ACT! OLE/DB Reporting Provider via the Framework/SDK in Bill's Blog pageSmiley Wink


Basically it's:

this.ACTOLEDB.Text = this.actApp.ActFramework.CurrentACTOLEDB;


It then constructs a connection string such as:

Provider=ACTOLEDB.1;Data Source=C:\Users\chuffman\Documents\ACT\ACT For Windows 10\Databases\Act10Demo.pad;User Id=Chris Huffman;Password=7685259a-b90a-4479-befe-2f8edcbe8ca9

Bill Blakey
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