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Dashboards: Date selection filter anomaly

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Dashboards: Date selection filter anomaly

I do hope you can help,

I've set my Windows Regional Date Settings to 'yyyy-mm-dd' to avoid any US/UK date format conflict.


The 'Closed Sales To Date' dashboard template  filters by the opportunities field - 'Actual Close Date' .

Setting the filter to begin 1st April 2010 returns entries that include this date in the format  2010-04-01


Using date selection in the XML templates via O.ACTUAL_CLOSE_DATE field, shows that for these records the DATETIME entry is 2010-03-31 23:00, so setting the filter to begin at 1st April 2010 does not include them, in fact, for each date set in the Opportunities Detail View, the corresponding DATETIME appears to be 23:00 the day before, which causes some discrepancies in results via the two template methods.


Thanks in advance,





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Re: Dashboards: Date selection filter anomaly

I'm not sure I understand your posting - if you query this record directly using OLEDB2 provider what does the value of the ACTUAL CLOSE DATE field show?


Are you saying that you see opportunities in the Closed Sales to Date component that don't show up in a custom query you're developing using the datachart component?


The filter criteria on the Closed Sales to date include options like "Current Month" and "Custom..."  



If you're seeing inconsistencies on date returns where the time element is near the end or beginning of the day then it could be a case where one of the 2 filters is returning the GMT date time not converted to local time.  If you are using OLEDB1 then this (I believe) is a known issue - Date times are returned as GMT values.  If you are using OLEDB2 (i.e. Data chart control in ACT! 2010) then it should auto convert the date time.