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Dashboard Customization Question

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Dashboard Customization Question

I haven't used ACT for very long, but I'm trying to customize the dashboard.  Doesn't appear that any of the available templates will allow me to do what I'd like to do with it.


Some of the fields involved are system created, some were created by my boss.  Either way, I'd like to display certain records where criterion are met on certain fields. 


For instance, we have different types of buyers.  M&A, Mainstreet, etc.  I'd like to display on the dashboard a list of M&A buyers who are "hot" or a list of M&A buyers who are cold, etc.


I can do this by performing a query and then creating a report, but my boss would rather have it update automatically on his dashboard.


Is this something that needs programmed?


Please advise, and I thank you in advance for your input!