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Customer Records

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Customer Records



I would like to access Contacts/Customer table and related tables programatically, Eventually this would be used for some manipulation.


Please let me know if I can access it via API/SQL Management Studio or something similar.




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Re: Customer Records

Hi ActDev,

I've moved this post to our developer forum - so you should be able to get better visibility from people able to help Smiley Happy

You can access your Act database via SQL Management Studio - by default the Act SQL instance is created with Windows Credential login - so you can just log in as your windows user and access the database.

Bear in mind, manipulating data, making changes or changing the database structure is not something we offer technical assistance with - and you'll be solely responsible for the results!

There is also the Act! API - which provides a safer, web accessible way of inputting, accessing and modifying data. Check out more info here:

Hope this helps!