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Custom Web App not connecting to ACT! database.

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Custom Web App not connecting to ACT! database.

I've created a website to access data in an ACT database using the ACT OLE DB Provider.

I have the website accessing other systems as well using other OLEDB providers.


For the section that interacts directly with ACT to get data to display in the website i seem to get an error message with the following details:




Having search for it i found the details of this error message is below:

The consumer did not have sufficient permission to open the rowset. For example, a rowset included a column for which the consumer does not have read permission.


Can someone recommend why this may be?

The pad file i am using to access the ACT DB has the details of an administrative user in it. When i run the Same SQL using an OLEDB compliant database explorer it succesfully connects and runs the SQL but my ASP .net developed application using the same connection string does not run the SQL.


Any Ideas?