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Custom Tables in Search Results?

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Custom Tables in Search Results?

We have added some custom tables that are attached to Company records. I was wondering if there was a way to include custom columns in the search results that we create based on the information in the custom tables.


With that, some background:


We are running ACT! 2013 Premium. 


We are storing event data in the custom tables that relate the company in focus. We display the custom event data in a datagrid via a tool that we wrote using the SDK. This data used to be attached directly to the company when they had just company records. We unflattened the data to take advantage of managing company contacts and other aspects that were being neglected before. The problem is that the informaiton in the custom tables used to be selectable for the search columns since it previously resided on the company table (through them adding a field for each aspect of each event.)


What they want is to be able to see that infomation again, preferrably in the company search results screen. Is this possible? Can I have data or fields not in the company table displayed as column(s) in the company search results list? If so, can I apply complex logic to populate those columns? (I would want to basically pivot the rows in the custom table to be a column in the results screen.)


To avoid a "why did you do it that way" scenario... We explored using the Opportunities section as well as other ways to store this data, but settled on custom tables because it was the only way to get the data back in an acceptable amount of time. (For instance, through opportunities, some companies would take 3+ minutes to load.) We also realized that we could expand what was being held and how we displayed it more easily through custom sub entities.




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Re: Custom Tables in Search Results?

The act! UI does not see custom tables created by the SDK. Nor can you add columns from a custom table into act! internal searches.


To search child records in your custom table you need to build the own search screens.


-- Jim Durkin