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Custom Sub Entities

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Custom Sub Entities

I have created some custom sub entities under contacts. This entity  has fields that are  a dropdown list,"demo type" and i want to set a value on them programmatically, with c#. I can acces the field and set the value as a string,. but how can i acces a custon entities filed that has a dropdownmenu n change its value with one of the provided optios?



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Re: Custom Sub Entities

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You could make a comboBox (if using winForms) and then get the PickList and populate the comboBox Items.


reference Act.UI.PickLists.dll (under install path for Act)


            Act.Framework.PickLists.PickList pickList = actFwk.PickLists.GetPickListByName("your picklist name");

            foreach (Act.Framework.PickLists.PickListItem item in pickList.Items)


Is that what you are looking for? Hope that helps.