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Custom Entiry and a Datagrid

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Custom Entiry and a Datagrid

I have setup my custom entity fields. One of the fields is for User ID, which is a GUID. How do I bind he username to the Datagrid and not the GUID.


Currently I am binding the CustomEntityList to a BindSource. below is how I bind it to the GUID.


How would this be bound to the user list, so that I can resolve the name?


Billings.FieldDescriptors.Add(manager.GetCustomEntityFieldDescriptor("Billing_ENGINEER", Act.Framework.MutableEntities.FieldNameType.Alias))


Bob Lozinak
Twelve/Three Marketing, Inc.
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Re: Custom Entiry and a Datagrid

Hi Bob,


I don't really know an easy solution for this. There's two ways I can think of... One is to add an unbound column to your datagrid and fetch the username programmatically. The other is when you save the GUID, also save the username on another column in your custom entity. Of course this latest solution will have inacurate data if the username changes in the meantime.

Hugo Vale