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Custom Control

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Custom Control

I am creating my first custom control for the top level act! entities. I have created hundreds of custom controls for custom entities in my own designer where I pick up the drop events then do my own serialization.


// Create a new HostSurface

 _hostSurfaceManager = new HostSurfaceManager();

// IDesignerSerializationService


typeof(System.ComponentModel.Design.Serialization.IDesignerSerializationService), newDesignerSerializationService(_hostSurfaceManager));


Now I am creating custom controls for the ACT! Ui designer.


How do you implement the component editor when the control is dropped onto the act form designer?

I need to open the act UI so the user can select the desired field.


How do you implement serialization on that control?

I need to store the desired field and have it set when the form loads.


I have implemented both IComponentDisplayNameSupport and IComponentEditorPageSite but none of the functions ( GetInstanceNameProperty and GetControl) are raised.


Thanks in advance.


-- Jim Durkin