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Custom Control in Act 12 - Field Picker Problems

Tuned Listener
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Custom Control in Act 12 - Field Picker Problems

I have a custom field-bound control that I developed on Act! 9, and it has worked until Act! 12 arrived.

The problem seems to be in the Designer. The original VB code in the 'Select Field' subroutine, that

generated the field picker dialog box (from which the controlling field is selected) was:


Dim fieldControl As Act.Framework.ComponentModel.IContactFieldBoundControl = Me.Control
Dim f As New Act.Framework.ComponentModel.ContactFieldDescriptorPickerForm(fieldControl)



When compiling on Act! 12 this is rejected, advising the use of MutableEntity equivalents.

So the code was changed, and after much frustration I eventually changed the whole control from contact-specific to mutable, and the new code:


            Dim fieldControl As Act.Framework.ComponentModel.IMutableEntityFieldBoundControl = Me.Control
            Dim f As New Act.Framework.ComponentModel.MutableEntityFieldDescriptorPickerForm( _
                fieldControl, Act.Framework.RecordType.Contact, Me)


compiles and runs, but the field picker list produced is empty.

At wit's end! Can anyone see what am I doing wrong?