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Creating a new Opportunity with existing products

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Creating a new Opportunity with existing products

Hello All,


I am trying to create a new opportunity and then attach an existing product from the database.  This code creates the new opp and then finds our existing product using GetProduct. My question is how do I Update the products associated with this Opportunity? Also, how can I update price and quantity fields of the product?


Thank you and Kindest Regards


Phil Z.


// Create a new Opp

OpportunityManager OppMan = new OpportunityManager(this.application.ActFramework);
Stage[] stages = this.application.ActFramework.StageManager.GetStages("Commitment to Buy");
Opportunity o = OppMan.CreateOpportunity("MoreTest123", OpportunityStatus.Open, stages[0], DateTime.Now.AddDays(-1), false);


//Find our existing product

SortCriteria[] sortCriteria = null;

Product myprod = this.application.ActFramework.Products.GetProduct("2012 Trade Show Booth");


// Should I call UpdateProducts? If so, how should I call UpdateProducts?


o.UpdateProducts(new OpportunityProduct[] myprod, new OpportunityProduct[] );

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Re: Creating a new Opportunity with existing products