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Creating a Task via SDK (2007 9.0)

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Creating a Task via SDK (2007 9.0)



   I was trying to add a new task for specific number of contacts using an existing Activity Series Template (Using VB) and I've researched for quite sometime and did not find any idea on how to achieve this.


   Thank you in advance!

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Re: Creating a Task via SDK (2007 9.0)


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Re: Creating a Task via SDK (2007 9.0)



I had a precursory look at the ActivitySeriesManager class and there is a ScheduleActivitySeries( ActivitySeries activitySeries,DateTime anchorDate) method but I am not sure how it is associated with a contact(s).

It could be that you might need to itterate through each of the ActivitySeriesItems via the ActivitySeriesList object, and assign the relevent ActivityContactCollection to each of the items in turn.


This seems like a very inefficient way of doing it I have to admit and maybe someone else might be able to come up with a more efficient way! I really hope there is since this a really ugly way!






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Re: Creating a Task via SDK (2007 9.0)

I have had luck adding an activity for one user using this:


cContactSelectedUser = cList2(ii) ' User assigned the activity

Dim cdg As CalendarDelegateGrantor = ActFwk.CalendarDelegates.GetCalendarDelegateGrantorByAccessorId(cContactSelectedUser.ID)


'Get contact

cList = ActFwk.Contacts.GetContactsByID(Nothing, guids)

cContact = cList(0) 'Contact to whom the activity is attached



'Create a new Activity

 Dim aType As ActivityType = ActFwk.Activities.GetActivityType("To-do")

Dim aPriority As ActivityPriority = ActFwk.Activities.GetActivityPriority("High")

 Dim NewActivity As ActivityTemplate = ActFwk.Activities.CreateActivity(atype, sDateTime, eDateTime, cdg)

NewActivity.Details = Me.tbDetails.Text.ToStringNewActivity.Regarding =




NewActivity.Priority = aPriority

NewActivity.Type = aType

NewActivity.IsTimeless = False