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CreateNoteComplete Event not working in v16?

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CreateNoteComplete Event not working in v16?

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I am trying to do some stuff whenever a user creates a note. However, when I hook on to the CreateNoteComplete event, nothing happens when and note is created in Act v16. But the same code works fine if I use act2013. My .Dll is loading fine but it completely ignores my code when I create a note. Is this a bug in v16 or am I missing something? Can someone else try and see if this works for them in v16?


        private void AfterLogon(object Sender, System.EventArgs e)
            _actApp.ActFramework.Notes.CreateNoteComplete += new Act.Framework.Notes.NoteManager.CreateNoteCompleteDelegate(Notes_CreateNoteComplete);
void Notes_CreateNoteComplete(Act.Framework.Notes.Note note) { MessageBox.Show("This will not show up when a note is created in v16."); }

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Ahsan Khalid

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