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Create picklist from Product List

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Create picklist from Product List



I'm looking at modifying the sample custom entity add-in (Polcy example) to suit my needs a bit more.

In the sample add-in the creation of a picklist for Policy type is hard-coded in with the items being added at run-time.


In my situation the custom entity is very similar to policies but it's for support contracts for software purchases.

So each contract has a product type field.


When adding/editing a contract I'd like a picklist to display a product list (similar to adding a line item in an Opportunity) using the Products pulled from my Product Master list.


How would I go about doing this?

How can I retrieve a list of Products at run-time and use this list to populate a picklist in my custom sub-entity?


Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Create picklist from Product List

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The policy picklist is set in this segment of code in PolicyPlugin.cs:


// Create a picklist for policy types. PickList pickList = this.actApplication.ActFramework.PickLists.CreatePickList(PickListType.Character, "Policy Types", "Policy Types", false, false); // Add items to the picklist. pickList.Items.Add(new PickListItem("Life", "A Life Insurance Policy written for an individual person")); pickList.Items.Add(new PickListItem("Auto", "Auto Insurance Policy covering collision and comprehensive loss")); pickList.Items.Add(new PickListItem("Home", "Homeowners Insurance Policy covering personal loss within an owned dwelling or structure")); pickList.Items.Add(new PickListItem("Health", "A General Health Policy to coverage illness and/or disease")); pickList.Items.Add(new PickListItem("Motorcycle", "Auto Insurance Policy covering collision and comprehensive loss")); pickList.Items.Add(new PickListItem("Pet", "Pet Life Insurance Policy")); pickList.Items.Add(new PickListItem("Renter", "Renter Insurance Policy covering personal loss within a rented dwelling")); // Persist the changes to the db. this.actApplication.ActFramework.PickLists.UpdatePickList(pickList); // Add Policy Type. field = new FieldDescriptor("Policy Type", "POLICY_TYPE", descriptor, FieldDataType.Character); field.AllowEmpty = false; field.Attributes[FieldProperty.Length] = new LengthAttribute(32); field.Attributes[FieldProperty.PickList] = new PickListAttribute(pickList, true, false, true, false ); this.actApplication.ActFramework.Fields.Save(field);



You can customize this to your liking before creating the plugin or...


If you wish to make changes after compiling you'll need some additional code to provide a way to update your picklist you've created in this segment.

This should be possible with the SDK using essentially the same code as above.


Hope this helps!


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