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Create Secondary Contact programatically

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Create Secondary Contact programatically

It seems like it would be obvious but I can't seemed to locate the Class/method for creating a Secondary Contact, There's plenty of info on getting the list of them and "Promoting" them to Primary Contacts but how do you create them in the first place? TIA
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Re: Create Secondary Contact programatically

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Here is a code snippet I found.

Hope this helps.....


ContactList lSecondaries;

Contact nSecondary;

Contact cContact;

ActFramework actFm = new ActFramework();

actFm.LogOn("C:\\Documents and Settings\\< username >\\My Documents\\ACT\\Act for Windows 10\\Databases\\Act10Demo.pad",

"Chris Huffman","");

cContact = actFm.Contacts.GetMyRecord();

lSecondaries = actFm.Contacts.GetSecondaryContacts(null,cContact);

nSecondary = (Contact)((IBindingList)lSecondaries).AddNew();

nSecondary.FullName = "SecondaryFN ContactLN";

nSecondary.Fields["Contact.E-mail", false] =;

nSecondary.Updated+=new Act.Framework.MutableEntities.MutableEntity.UpdatedEventHandler(nSecondary_Updated);


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