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Contacts Menu

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Contacts Menu

I am fairly new th the SDK, and I'm not sure how I could do this. I have a couple questions/problems, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.


Here's the situation... We have 2 types of contacts in our database. Under the Contacts menu, instead of "New Contact" we would like 2 entries one that says "New Customer Contact" and another called "New Subcontractor Contact". Here are the problems that I'm not real sure how to do at this point... 


1. How do I remove the "New Contact" under the "Contacts" menu? Is this even possible?


2. How do I add Items to the top of the "Contacts" menu?


3. How do I trigger the new contact button programmically? (What is the command to give me a blank contact form) 


Thanks for the help.

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Re: Contacts Menu

After a little research... Here is how you can trigger Creation of a New Contact for anyone who wants it...


//This example creates a new blank Contact record (C#)

'This example creates a new blank Contact record (VB)



Still need some help with #1 and #2...

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Re: Contacts Menu




ParentMenu = ACTAPP.Explorer.CommandBarCollection["Connected Menus"].ControlCollection[hld];


ParentMenu.AddSubItem(NewMenu, Position);



1) get the link to the menu item then turn the visibility option off or replace the current handler with your own handler.