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Connecting Sage ACT using PHP

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Connecting Sage ACT using PHP

Hi All


We are currently on Sage ACT Premium 2011 desktop (we can but have not upgraded to 2013 yet), but what I am trying to find out is how to either just read only OR ideally read/write to ACT to and from our website.


Our site is written in PHP and on linux.  It sounds like the 2nd link would solve the 'read only' option (but want to confirm), but then still need a read/write solution (if it exists)

I have read these forum posts but not sure if this is to do with it, or I need to be looking elsewhere


Thanks in advance



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Re: Connecting Sage ACT using PHP

Connecting ACT! to another external data base system is unfortunately not something that is cut and dried. It usually is a custom solution distinct to the requirements of the company involved. Your web site being on Linux removes several options from the table, also (the native SQL Server interface in PHP and any attempts at using Windows COM to intercommunicate).


If the external system having read-only access to ACT! is sufficient then the SQL Server ACTREADER account can be activated and pretty much any system that can use ODBC can then access the raw ACT! tables (I just checked and Microsoft has released and is supporting a Linux ODBC driver for SQL Server). Just realize that the apparent 8 or so entities in ACT! are actually realized in 170+ physical tables so in most cases you are going to be doing quite a few Joins to get what you are looking for.


If you require external update access to ACT! then you can write a Windows-based program that gets instructions from the external system and uses the SDK to make the updates. Probably a lot of work.


Donald Egen

Patricia Egen Consulting, LLC

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