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Company name, address etc. from Opportunity

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Company name, address etc. from Opportunity



Is it easy to get the Company name from an Opportunity, along with other fields?


Do I need specific field names, or are there .NET properties on the Opportunity object?





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Re: Company name, address etc. from Opportunity

There isn't a public property for companies associated with an opportunity, but there is a GetCompanies method that will return a CompanyList. There are properties for certain fields (such as the user fields), but not for all. Getting those fields and thier value is similar to how you would for any other top level entity. The psuedo code would look like this:


Opportunity myOpp = ActApp.ApplicationState.CurrentOpportunity;

MutableEntityFieldDescriptor mefd = ActApp.ActFramework.Opportunities.GetMutableEntityFieldDescrptor(StandardOpportunityField.User1);

string fieldValue = mefd.GetValue(myOpp);

Matthew Wood
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