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Company Object

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Company Object

I have retrieved a list of act companies using the following code
Dim Fields() as CompanyList = ActFramework.Companies.GetCompanies(Nothing)
This gives me an array of Company objects that I then loop through with no problems. I need to get the company id, name, postcode and record manager from this object. I can retrieve every field EXCEPT the record manager.
For some reason when I try to get the record manager the following error is raised "Invalid Column Name: MANAGERUSERNAME Parameter Name: realName"
Here is the code I use to get the company values:
dim Info as Company = Fields(0)
dim CompanyId as string = Info.ID.ToString
dim CompanyName as string = Info.Name
dim PostCode as string = Info.Fields("TBL_COMPANY.BUSINESS_POSTALCODE",True)
dim Manager as string = Info.Fields("TBL_COMPANY.MANAGERUSERNAME",True)
Can somebody help me extract the manager from the company object please. I'm struggling badly.
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Re: Company Object

Moderator, please move this post to the Actdevnet forum. To get the record manager you can call the RecordManager property on the Company object.