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Cleared Activities - How come IsCleared does not work?

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Cleared Activities - How come IsCleared does not work?

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Hi everyone,


I am having an issue with getting the correct cleared status of an ACT! activitity.


To retrieve all the activities for a particular user, I use:

ActiveActivities = ACTFM.Activities.GetTaskListItems(

Nothing, Nothing, d_ACT_BeginDate, d_ACT_EndDate, FirstInstanceRestriction.FirstOccurrence, False)



However, when I go through the activities, some activities that have been cleared come back as not cleared i.e.



iTotalActivities = ActiveActivities.Count 

For iCounter = 0 To ActiveActivities.Count - 1

   if ActiveActivities.Item(iCounter).IsCleared then msgbox "This activity is cleared!!!"



The issue here is that when I open the contact, an activity will show that it is cleared, however, when I programatically go through the activities list, it will show that it is NOT cleared, obviously an error.


This happens when an activity is scheduled to multiple users and it is cleared by one of the users. The activity appears as cleared on the interface but not to the SDK.


I am obviously missing an important step here. Can anyone provide me with any clues on how to find whether an activity is cleared or not. Obviously the IsCleared flag does not work since for whatever I do, it is never true to the cleared activities that have been scheduled with multiple users.


Thank you in advance.



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Re: Cleared Activities - How come IsCleared does not work?

Hi Thatch,


I think the problem might be whom we're logging into the framework as. When an activity is scheduled with multiple users, multiple activities are created (one per user). If one user clears the activity, the activity will not be cleared for other users. What I believe is going on in your scenario is the user we've logged into Act as has cleared the activity and as such it's showing it as cleared in the UI. However the user's info we used inthe LogOn method has no cleared the activity..


I experimented with doing this via a plugin with access to the UI and the results returned from IsCleared from my tests appear to be consistent with what was reflected in the UI.

Matthew Wood
Act! SDK Support
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Re: Cleared Activities - How come IsCleared does not work?

Thanx. I'll test that. It is kind of strange to have an Activity ID that is not unique. I'll program around it to make it work better.