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Can't find Act.Framework.Contacts

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Can't find Act.Framework.Contacts

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I've just begun Act and I can't find Act.Framework.Contacts, I already saw this,


But I can't find the dll..


An other question I want to make a plugin for Act !

But I can't build because there is no main.

How I have to do?? 


Thanks !

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Re: Can't find Act.Framework.Contacts



You need to add reference: Act.Framework.Contacts


In c#:

using Act.Framework.Contacts;


Also you cannot directly access the contacts. It is a combination of several ACT table. Example like below:

(I am trying to get a contact loaded with a specific email address. Basically its like I am searching for a contact with their business email. Below is the example)


Act.Framework.Lookups.CriteriaColumn criteriaName = theApp.ActFramework.Lookups.GetCriteriaColumn("TBL_CONTACT", "BUSINESS_EMAIL", true);
Act.Framework.Lookups.Criteria[] searchResult = new Act.Framework.Lookups.Criteria[] { new Act.Framework.Lookups.Criteria(Act.Framework.Lookups.LogicalOperator.End, (byte)0, (byte)0, criteriaName, Act.Framework.Lookups.OperatorEnum.EqualTo, senderEmailAddress) };
Act.Framework.Lookups.ContactLookup cLookup = theApp.ActFramework.Lookups.LookupContactsReplace(searchResult, true, true);
contactList = cLookup.GetContacts(null);




Hope that helps!!





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Re: Can't find Act.Framework.Contacts

The problem was that my dlls were messed up, I don't know why, but i've download a try version,I got the Dll, and know it works !


Thanks harithae18 for the reply.