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Can't deploy .NET app on user's computer

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Can't deploy .NET app on user's computer

I'm using visual studio 2015 and C#.  I develop the application, test it to death and everything is fine. I tried copying the exe to another computer (actually a virtual machine) w/ Windows 10, Office 2013 and Act! 19.2 Premium installed; just like my development machine.  When I execute the on the new machine, it errors out with something about not having the correct libraries.


Then I go back to Visual Studio and deploy it.  This gives me a deployment folder of things including a setup file, autorun.inf, an application file and a folder called Application Files with a lot dll files.


I transfer the deployment folder to another computer and run the setup file and get this error saying it requires an assembly called Microsoft.Vbe.Interop Version 10.0.4504.0 be installed in the Global Assembly Cache first.


I do not understand what's going on.  I don't even know what questions to ask.  Surely i'm doing something stupid. 

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Re: Can't deploy .NET app on user's computer