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Can Plugins hook in to the field triggers?

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Can Plugins hook in to the field triggers?

Looking into converting some of our VB6 customizations into plug ins for ACT 2008.  Is there anyway for plug ins to access the field triggers to activate code?   We used to do it with custom executables, but it appears I have to use plug ins to access the 'ActApp.ApplicationState.CurrentContact' data.


Appreciate any insight on this.



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Re: Can Plugins hook in to the field triggers?

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Hi Greg,


If you are using ACT 2008 or above, then the answer is YES and very easily too.


You simply EDIT the field (tools menu) so that when you enter the field for example, you can execute an external program that can be written using VB6. (Or VB Dot Net, C#, C++ or absolutely ANY other programming language that you enjoy coding in).


Your Add-On, if it takes advantage of our free MiddleWare SDK for ACT by Sage can then pull out the Current Contact ID and do anything you want with it (or the contents of the field etc etc).


You can download it free without any need to register it - ever - from


Kevin Ritch
CRM Solutions, Inc.




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