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Can I stop or remove act.framework.dll?

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Can I stop or remove act.framework.dll?

Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum, i am new member Can I stop or remove act.framework.dll?. Can someone direct me? thanks a lot

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Re: Can I stop or remove act.framework.dll?

I don't understand the question or the reason behind it.


What are you trying to do?


-- Jim 

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Re: Can I stop or remove act.framework.dll?

Software programs store DLL files in one or more folders during installation. These files contain code that explains the operation to the programs.

If you are considering deleting Act.Framework.dll, it is probably best to leave it alone. The reason for this logic is that some programs share these files, so deleting a particular DLL file can unintentionally cause problems. This means that deleting Act.Framework.dll may cause one or more other programs to stop working, or only to a limited extent.

Some software can also install DLL files in several folders outside the Program Files folder (where most programs are installed). Finding these DLL files can be very difficult, and deleting them can be dangerous.

As mentioned above, if you are not sure if Act.Framework.dll is being used by another program, we recommend that you leave it alone. However, if you need to delete the file, we recommend that you first make a copy. If you then have a problem with another program that requires you to use the recently deleted DLL file, you can restore the file from the backup.