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Boolean Logic Search Capability

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Boolean Logic Search Capability

We are a Temporary Staffing Service. We use ACT to track resources currently on Payroll, Assignment with other employers and those Currently Available. We can invoice directly from ACT as well as complete a multitude of other administrative task.


We leverage the power of the Groups function to quickly narrow the employment category. From there, if a specific skill or set of skills are sought, we need to use the Advanced Look Up query. It works but takes a long time to build for each search.


Does ACT or is there an add-on where we could simply search based on a series of commands and operators that combine keywords into meaningful phrases for the search engines. Ideally, I would like to paste each resource resume into the Notes Tab. The tab would only contain the most resent resource resume, 1 entry. We could then use basic commands AND, OR, AND NOT and NEAR and the three basic operators; quotes, parentheses, and wild



Example: Nurse AND ICU, would return ONLY the resource whose resumes contained both words.


Anyone have any ideas?